April 2008


Very classy indeed - brown pinstripe suiting fabric with a lovely floral lining. We selected a thicker lining fabric to give the bag strength - the suiting being a little thinner than the cotton drill I normally use. I think the effect is very interesting - very feminine without being girly.


Now this is a special one - red cotton drill outer with Marimekko cotton print lining. I'm told the lining makes it a little harder to adjust the knot but when the fabric is this beautiful, who cares!?


This beauty is all mine! 'Old Gold' taffeta lining and navy blue cotton drill outer. I love all the beautiful brocades and silks but I fancied something a little more simple...


This bag was made for my dear friend with a taste for luxury. Floral silk print lining matched with brown cotton drill outer.


This Onbag is lined with a synthetic embroidered taffeta with a lovely leaf design. I made this for some close friends who are expecting a baby in July. The black cotton drill outer frames it nicely I think.


This bag uses some beautiful green brocade, which contrasts quite dramatically with a black cotton drill outside layer. This was the first bag I ever made for anyone other than myself!

Onbag MkI...

These are photos of the Onbag Mk1 - I used black cotton drill and very cheap lining fabric to mock it up but I think it worked surprisingly well. Here you can see me modeling it with little Charlie in the sling.

Free Pattern - DIY Onbag

Please note: This pattern is intended to enable babywearers to make my bags for themselves or their friends and family, absolutely not for sale.I put a lot of time and effort into coming up with this design, which as far as I know is new, so I'll be pretty heartbroken if I find that somebody has pinched it!

I am making the design available for free because we are a small community and I think it is nice if we help each other out - please use the pattern in the same spirit.