October 2008

Matched DIY Scandi and Onbag Baby

I love the matched bag and sling look - it really streamlines the whole bag-and-baby-and-sling fashion statement :)

This clever lady has not only made a matched bag and sling, but has also put nice elasticated tops on the pockets - and (I think) played around with the sizes a little to get something just right for her...

Thank you for sharing!

Tobborah - DIY Onbag with Patterned Flap Panel

Isn't this a lovely shot!?
This DIY Onbag has a flap made out of just the lining fabric - a nice floral print used with what looks like a denim outer fabric.
Well done you!

... and the 'preemie' Onbag - DIY innovation!

Here is a completely new Onbag - courtesy of a brave TBWer!

DIY - Onbag Classic and Onbag Baby

Aren't these just lovely!?

This clever lady has rolled the hems outward to show the lovely lining fabric, and she's done a matching 'Classic' and 'Baby'.

I think they both look great!

"So, I finally got fabric (with my Bday money) and the courage (I'm still pretty new to sewing and usually have my mom help) and made my OnBag & OnBag Baby. I did mess up on the big one...