August 2009

Custom Onbags

The lovely Lucy, who was previously in charge of managing the waiting list and creating beautiful bags, has had to stop sewing for personal reasons. Sad as this is for Onbag, I do completely understand her decision and I wish her all the best in getting everything back on track.

The upshot of this is that I'm afraid I will have to shut down the custom list for the forseeable future. I have just recently moved house (and country) myself and I am putting Onbag into a lower gear while I allow the family to regroup and re-establish. In this situation I do not have the time to sew the bags myself (even if I had a sewing room set up!) or to go through the process of selecting and quality-testing a new seamstress.


Great Action Shot!

Scooter-BabeScooter-BabeI just had to put this up on the front page!  

How fantastic is this photo?

And isn't it a great alternative carry as well!?

And don't they both look fantastic!?

Isn't a scooter a great way to get about while babywearing!? Especially with such a beautiful addition to the front handle-bars...

You'll notice that the beautiful bag featured (neatly strapped to the front of the rather funky scooter) is a natty DIY effort, which sports the smart red DIY Onbag Label.

Do keep sending in your shots, especially when they are as cool as this one!

You can see more about Jitka's DIY bag here:

Jitka has also kindly contributed her time and effort to produce a translation of the DIY Onbag Pattern into Czech.  You can find her work and others' on the 'Community Contributions' page.

New Special Editions in Stock!

They're here!

And aren't they just lovely!?

I now have six lovely ByEthicals Special Edition Onbags in stock and ready to be shipped out to their lucky new owners...

In the past these Special Editions have been sold out very swiftly, so if you love one then don't let it get away.

Take a look at them all here...

I will not be advertising these anywhere else at first because I want those of you who have been faithfully stalking this site to have first choice.