September 2009

Onbag Supports International Babywearing Week

Well done to everyone who worked so hard to make International Babywearing Week a success!

Two lucky ladies won Onbags as part of the celebrations, one in Southampton, one in Hungary!

Zsofi who helped to organise the Hungarian event ( sent me this lovely email:

"I just got these from the happy winner, Viktoria, mum of two little girls from north east hungary, Eger.

She loves the bag and sends you her fond wishes!

Here is her daughter Laura also sporting the babywearing week t-shirt."

Viktoria was lucky enough to win an Onbag ByEthicals Special Edition, in Autumn Scrappy Stripe.  

And, nearer home, in Southampton, Debbie wrote to tell me about their event:

"Southampton and Portsmouth Sling Meets joined forces on September 21st to celebrate International Babywearing Week 2009.

We had some very generous donations which enabled us to hold a charity raffle and auction, as well as having a cake stall.

One of the prizes which was donated to our auction was an Onbag Classic, which was won by Carol.

The event was very well attended and we raised over £200 for the charity of our choice, Best Beginnings.

For more details and pictures of the event, please see"

Many congratulations to the organisers of both events, and many happy years of babywearing to all concerned!

The Onbag Zones Have ARRIVED!

I am very pleased, proud and excited to tell you all that the latest addition to the Onbag Family is now here!  Designed to fit your Onbag perfectly, they will also transform any other bag - making it organised and beautiful.

These 'zones' are Onbag's answer to the pocket, they make it easy to organise your bag, to swap things around for different outings or to take just what you need when you go for a nappy-change.

Made by ByEthicals, each is beautiful and unique - as well as being easily identifiable inside your bag.

They come in four shapes: cube, brick, flat and square. You can choose from simple, but beautiful fabric, or one of the lovely appliquéd designs. Each one has two handy loops; to go over your wrist or clip to the elastic loops on your Onbag.

Use them to suit exactly what you need to carry, and what you need with you on that particular day.  Never lose things in the bottom of your bag again, or have things spill all over the floor!

Personally... I have

  • a 'change zone', which I just put over my wrist and use as a bag in it's own right for short trips.  A brick-zone will fit your wipes case and nappies, whether cloth or disposable very neatly.
  • a 'toy zone'... I use a cube-zone filled with little cars and other interesting things, which is great to pull out at cafés for the kids to rummage through.
  • a 'pens zone'; I use the flat-zone like a pencil case and include some scraps of paper for scribbling - me or the children!
  • a 'special things zone'; I use the square zone for the important discoveries we make - pebbles, leaves and so on.
  • a 'beach zone'; we live near the sea and I have a couple of small spades and so on in a brick-zone so I can just grab and go.

...but you'll be completely different from me! 

I would suggest starting with one brick and one cube, and see how you go...

You can't beat these for versatility, practicality and easy organisation!