December 2009

Jolijn's beautiful DIY creations

Jolijn has made these two amazing DIY Classic creations for herself and her sister, both have unique personalities using different fabrics, patterns and textures.  

The black velvet bag is very stylish and classy, with the richly patterned and coloured red lining it really stands out.

I love the vibrant green colour of the cotton Classic.  The patterned lining suits it so well and is sure to brighten up even the dullest winter day.

Jolijn writes that her next project is two DIY Onbag Babies!  I can't wait to see what colours and fabrics she uses.  

Don't the special red DIY Onbag labels look smart too?

Hi everyone

I'm Odhrán, Sarah's brother-in-law and baby-wearing uncle of 5 wonderful kids.

You'll be hearing more from me in future as I'm going to be taking over the day-to-day running of Onbag at Sarah's request.  She has been finding it increasingly difficult to balance running a small business and looking after two small but energetic boys, so I have jumped in to help out.  This will give her the time to develop some more ideas and projects of hers which have had to take a back seat until now, so watch this space!

I just wanted to introduce myself to the many readers who check this site regularly, and I look forward to chatting with you all here or on other forums.